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Are there any exclusions relating to my benefits?

Yes. Under the Total and Permanent Disability Benefit, the benefits will not be paid if the disability resulted from any of the following:


(a) pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, or miscarriage or complications thereof;

(b) psychiatric disorders, drug or alcohol abuse;

(c) injuries or illness due to military service or suffered under conditions of war, whether declared or not, insurrection, rebellion, or mutiny;

(d) intentional self-inflicted injuries or illness, caused by attempts of suicide, or incurred as a result of or while participating in the commission of a crime;

(e) engaging or taking part in driving or riding in any kind of race, professional sports or hazardous sports, underwater activities involving the use of breathing apparatus, flying or aerial activities other than as a fare-paying passenger, or

(f) AIDS or AIDS-related complex.

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