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How long does it take for my Fast Account to be approved and what happens before it is approved?

If you're applying for a Fast Account, your account will be opened in principal first prior to your application details being approved. The approval of your application will take one (1) business day and prior to it being approved, you may still deposit (cash-in) money into your account but may also encounter a document re-upload screen after 1 day if our agent deems a re-submission necessary. Once your application details have been approved at the backend, you may continue using your account normally. 


After your document has been verified and you have cashed-in a cumulative of PHP 100,000 as well as confirming your present address, you will be assigned a VISA debit card and it will be delivered to your doorstep within 7 working days if your present address is in Metro Manila and 14 days if your present address is outside Metro Manila. If your address is outside of the service coverage area of our current courier, it may take 1 month for your card to arrive.


Upon receiving the debit card, you may activate the card by going to the"My Cards" screen.

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