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What are the main differences between a Fast Account, Fast Plus Account and an UpSave Account?

A Fast Account has a simplified account opening process (under 10 minutes) whereby you only need to provide minimal information. It comes with a Visa enabled debit card and you will be able to perform fund transfers from and deposits (cash-in) into your account. However, a Fast Account has an expiry of 12 months whereby you'll have to upgrade to a Fast Plus Account (with no change in account number). It also has a cumulative deposit cap of PHP100,000 into the account within the validity of 12 months.

A Fast Plus Account has all the benefits of all Fast Account but is not subject to an expiry period and cumulative deposit limit. It also comes with a higher yearly interest rate of 0.75% p.a.

An UpSave Account is a high interest-bearing account whereby you'll be able to deposit (cash-in) into and perform fund transfer from your account. It is not subject to an expiry period and a cumulative deposit limit. However, an UpSave Account does not come with a Visa-enabled debit card.

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