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Job Description

  • Regulatory monitoring of AML issuances from the BSP, AMLC and SEC.
  • Checking and submission of periodic reports to the Bank’s Committees and to Group Committees.
  • Overseeing the execution of AML-related reviews or non-review activities as per Compliance Workplan. 
  • Oversee the daily monitoring and investigation of AML transaction alerts in the AML system.
  • Coordinate with the BSP or the AMLC on AML-related matters, inquiries or clarifications.
  • Provide guidance or advisory to the various BUs on AML-related queries.
  • Handle and oversee the AML-related issues during BSP Examination and replying to the AREFs and Directives of the ROE and monitoring AML findings.
  • Handle the periodic meetings of the AML Committee of the Bank
  • Handle and implementent freeze orders or check compliance with TF resolutions of the AMLC.
  • Update the AML/CFT Policy and Procedures and other related policies, procedures as may be required by regulations.
  • Monitor or approve the filing of CTRs and STRs.
  • Other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time



With at least five (5) years of relevant experience in doing the key responsibilities above, managing people, managing 

regulatory relationships in a bank. With regulatory expertise in the issuances by the BSP and AMLC on AML and their 


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