Job Description

Infrastructure Design and Implementation:  

● Design and implement IT infrastructure components, including servers, networks, and storage systems.  

● Plan and execute infrastructure upgrades and migrations.  


System Administration:  

● Administer and maintain servers, virtual machines, and cloud-based resources. 

● Monitor system performance and troubleshoot issues as needed.  


Network Management:  

● Configure and manage network devices, switches, and routers.  

● Ensure network security and optimal performance.  

Storage Management:  

● Manage storage systems and data backups.  

● Implement disaster recovery and backup strategies.  

Security and Compliance: (with Tech Security Team)  

● Implement security measures and best practices for infrastructure components.  

● Ensure compliance with security policies and industry regulations.  

● Collaborate with technical teams on infrastructure projects and initiatives.  

● Maintain clear and up-to-date documentation of infrastructure configurations 


● Proven experience (3+ years) as an Infrastructure Engineer or a related role.  


● Strong knowledge of IT infrastructure components and technologies.  


● Familiarity with cloud computing platforms and virtualization.  


● Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.  


● Detail-oriented and proactive mindset.  


● Effective communication and teamwork abilities. 

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