Job Description

Workforce Manager for Technology is responsible in optimizing the efficiency and productivity of the technology workforce. The Workforce Manager will be responsible for workforce planning, resource allocation, and performance analysis to ensure that technology efforts/projects are executed with precision and in alignment with organizational goals.


Workforce Planning:

• Collaborate with technology leaders to understand project requirements and resource needs.

• Develop and implement workforce plans to ensure the right mix of skills and expertise for each project.

• Anticipate and address potential staffing gaps and bottlenecks.


Resource Allocation:

• Allocate technology resources based on project priorities and timelines.

• Optimize resource utilization by balancing workloads and skill sets.

• Collaborate with project managers and team leads to align resource allocation with project goals.


Performance Analysis:

• Implement and manage performance metrics to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the technology workforce.

• Analyze performance data to identify trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities for innovation.

• Provide regular reports and insights to technology leadership.


Capacity Planning:

• Conduct capacity planning to ensure that the technology team has the necessary resources to meet current and future demands.

• Work closely with HR to facilitate recruitment and onboarding as needed.

• Monitor and adjust capacity plans based on evolving project requirements.


Collaboration and Communication:

• Foster collaboration and communication within the technology team and across departments.

• Facilitate regular meetings to discuss resource needs, project updates, and potential challenges.

• Act as a liaison between technology and other business units to ensure alignment.

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