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How will I know if I am being recruited as a money mule? 

  • When someone asks you to receive money in your account for you to give or transfer to another unknown account
  • When you are communicating with someone on the phone, email, or on social media asking you to do any one or a combination of the following: 
    • Send money to a third-party bank account
    • Cash-out money you received most commonly via multiple cashier's checks
    • Convert money into the prepaid debit card or virtual currency
  • When you accept a job offer from unauthorized companies that ask for your personal bank account to "transfer" or "process" company funds


Tips on how to stay safe online and avoid being recruited as a Money Mule

  1. DO NOT share your account information with untrusted and unknown sources. 
  2. ONLY USE official communication channels from the bank when talking to our representatives. Beware of individuals that claim to be representatives of the bank. 
  3. AVOID sharing your financial information online or to anyone you don't personally know. 
  4. STAY AWAY from "easy money" schemes. Remember, when things are too good to be true, you must assume that it isn't legitimate. 
  5. DO NOT ACCEPT transfer or send requests from unknown individuals or companies. 

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