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CIMB Bank Anniversary Promo

CIMB Bank thanks you for a great year! As a thank you on our 2nd anniversary, get 20% more interest on your December earned interest when you cash-in at least 2 times into your CIMB Bank account. This promo works on top of any existing interest rates promotions you qualify for.

Promo Mechanics

Promo Period

This program will run from  December 3 to December 31, 2020

How to Qualify

Customers who make at least two cash-in transactions into their CIMB bank account/s between December 1 to December 31, 2020 will qualify for 20% more interest on their interest earned for the month of December


The 20% more interest is capped at PHP 200.

The additional interest reward shall be credited to the qualified customers account within 14 business days from the end of the campaign.


  1. The program will run from  December 3 to December 31, 2020 
  2. Customers must have an active account with CIMB Bank Philippines
  3. Customers must perform at least two (2) cash-in transactions within the month of December, with no minimum cash-in amount
  4. Account must be in good standing and is not blocked/closed/dormant during the campaign period
  5. Below is a sample computation to calculate the 20% CIMB Bank anniversary reward:


                    A. Formula 

                        CIMB Bank Savings account interest credit (Net) at 31st December 2020 x 20% = CIMB Bank Anniversary Reward


                    B. Sample Computation 1

                        CIMB Savings Account - 31st December 2020

Interest Credit for December (Gross) PHP 800.00
Less: 20% Withholding Tax PHP 160.00
Interest Credit for December (Net) PHP 640.00
PHP 640.00 x 20% = PHP 128.00 (CIMB Bank Anniversary Reward)

                    C. Sample Computation 2

                        CIMB Savings account – 31st December 2020

Interest Credit for December (Gross) PHP 1,400.00
Less: 20% Withholding Tax PHP 280.00
Interest Credit for December (Net) PHP 1,120.00
PHP 1,120.00 x 20% = PHP 224.00, however capped at PHP 200.00 (CIMB Bank Anniversary Reward)

Terms & Conditions