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CIMB GSave Exclusive Interest Promo

Enjoy our best in market interest of 5.00% p.a. on your savings until the end of March 2020!

Promo Mechanics

Promo Period

This promo will run from 10 March 2020 until 31 March 2020.

Qualifying Period
  • Total relationship balance of at least PHP250,000 by end of 31 March (Special interest rate from 1 – 31 March)
Criteria for Eligibility

For a GSave user to qualify, he/she must link and verify his/her account to the CIMB Bank PH app. Once it has been verified, the account will be upgraded to GSave Plus thus validity will be extended and will have its cash in limits removed. A GSave Plus account will no longer have no maximum cap on deposit.

How to Join?

  • Open to all customers with at least one (1) active UpSave or GSave Plus account.
  • Account holders must maintain a total relationship balance of at least PHP250,000. All accounts (Fast Plus, UpSave, and GSave Plus) will be considered for the PHP250,000 balance requirement. However, if eligible, the exclusive interest rate will only be for UpSave and GSave.
    • Example: If a customer has PHP200,000 in their UpSave and PHP50,000 in their Fast Plus, they are still eligible for the special interest rate on their UpSave. If customer has PHP250,000 on their GSave Plus and PHP0 on their UpSave, they are still eligible for the special interest rate for both their GSave and UpSave.
  • GSave account holders must successfully link, verify, and upgrade their account to GSave Plus on the CIMB Bank App.
  • The additional interest earned will be credited to their UpSave and/or GSave Plus within fourteen (14) business days after the exclusive interest rate period. It will be in the form of cash rebate payment on top of the regular monthly interest payout.

Terms & Conditions

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