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Enjoy up to 30% interest rebate on your Personal Loan!​

Eligibility and How to Qualify

  • Promo runs from November 1, 2023 to January 31, 2024.​

  • Must have at least one (1) open deposit account (Fast, Fast Plus, UpSave, or GSave)​

  • Must apply for and complete a Personal Loan application, and get approved within the Promo Period. Must also be in good credit standing at the time of Personal Loan application​

  • Must opt-in to the Group Creditor’s Life Insurance upon application for Personal Loan account and must not cancel or deactivate the insurance coverage until the maturity date of the Personal Loan​

  • Personal Loan account must be considered current, i.e. all installment dues are full paid on their respective due dates.

Promo Mechanics



Use your Personal Loan and get up to 30% Interest Rebate.


Rebate on interest paid

1 10%
3 20%
4 25%
5 30%

How to Compute for your Interest Rebate​

We will compute all the interests paid in the past three (3) months. If you’re eligible for the interest rebate, you will receive up to 30% rebate on interest paid, subject to the rebate schedule.​

Here is a sample interest rebate computation for a Personal Loan of Php 50,000 for a 4-year loan tenure, contractual rate of 36.00%, and loan opening date on December 1, 2023. 


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Frequenty Asked Questions

If I get approved for a Personal Loan with one (1) year loan tenure, can I still qualify for the promo?​

Yes. You may still get 10% rebate on interests paid if you meet the required actions and eligibility criteria.​

If I early settle my loan or cancel my Group Creditor’s Life insurance coverage, can I still get interest rebates?

No. Once you early settle your loan or cancel your Group Creditor’s Life insurance coverage, you can no longer receive future interest rebates.​

When and where will I receive the interest rebate?

Once qualified, you will receive your interest rebate fourteen (14) days after you have completed the required actions such as three (3) consecutive months of on-time payment and active Group Creditor’s Life insurance coverage. You will receive the rebate on your active CIMB savings account.​

Will I still receive rebates beyond the Promo Period?

Yes. You may still receive rebates until the end of your loan contract if you meet the eligibility requirements at the time crediting of interest rebate.

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