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REVI Credit Loyalty Program

Use your credit line and get 10% interest rebates on your REVI Credit line when you pay your monthly dues on time consecutively for three months! 

Promo Mechanics


Must be a REVI Credit customer and has new usage/spending during the billing cycle. Must have made three (3) consecutive on-time monthly payments from Apr – Jun 2022 (at least Minimum Amount Due). Must have an active savings account upon reward crediting. Must be in good standing each month during program period and at the time of fulfilment.

Promo Period

The program will run until June 30, 2022. You must use your REVI Credit line and complete the promo mechanics within the program period to become eligible.


10% rebate on the interest portion paid for the latest billing cycle with at least three (3) transactions or disbursements in the last three (3) months. Rebate will be given after the last billing cycle (June 2022). Rebate to be given at least  fourteen (14) working days after due date. 


  • 10% Rebate on the interest portion paid for the latest billing cycle with at least three (3) transactions/disbursement in last three (3) months (at least one transaction in each billing cycle)
Payment Amount Rebate Reward  
1st cycle payment at least MAD or higher -  
2nd cycle (consecutive) payment at least MAD or higher -  
3rd cycle (consecutive) payment at least MAD or higher 10.0% of interest portion paid  
  • The rebate will be given after the 3rd billing cycle.
  • The rebate will be credited within fourteen (14) working days after customer due date
  • Rebate calculation will be given on total interest paid from all use cases, (e.g. term loans, fund transfers, bills payments, etc.) from the last three (3) months interest paid portion.


Note: Interest Rebate will not be given if there is a conjunction of payment moratorium / payment holiday event. 

Terms & Conditions

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