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Who are eligible for the program?



The CIMB PH Management Development Program offers individuals to gain exposure in product development, digital and mobile banking, risk management, data analytics and finance, as well as experience the future of banking through embedded and ecosystem banking as a service (BaaS).​


1.Program begins on July 2024​


2.1 year program​




Target Participants ​


1.Fresh graduates from top universities belonging to the top 10% - 20% of their class

   (i.e., Cumulative GPA of at least 3.5, or equivalent) ​​


2.Working professionals from top universities with no more than two (2) years of work experience ​

What are the details of the program?​


Program Framework​


The 12-month program is designed to enable the holistic development of mavericks as future business leaders and expert client business partners.​


Project Management Courses​


Each course will last for three (3) months where mavericks will be asked to take lead on a project.


Every project will culminate with the following activities:​

  1. Project presentation to a panel of select members of Senior Leadership Team, and​

  2. Manager and peer assessment​


Capacity-building through Learning Zones (LZ)​


Skills building sessions and learning zones will be given to mavericks for the whole duration of the program. 


It is designed to equip trainees with theoretical knowledge and practical know-how needed to function into the CIMB environment.​


I. Immersions​


Immersions aim to teach the trainees to apply what has been learned in the classroom.  It will provide the trainees the following:​

•    Working knowledge of the application of the technical and business processes within the CIMB organization.​

•    Hands-on application of learned concepts through live operational immersion.​


II.   Monthly Check-Ins​


Monthly roundtable 'kumustahan' discussions to align with the talents and get their feedback.

Each management trainee will be assigned a mentor to discuss opportunities and areas of improvement.​


III   Action Learning Projects​


Action Learning Projects (ALPs) are real-life, results-oriented projects designed to provide participants with more meaningful learning and help ensure that the learning in the classroom is translated into the workplace.​


The management trainees will be divided into two (2) teams and will be assigned a Leadership Acceleration Program (LEAP) mentor to serve as ALP sponsor.  ALPs should have direct impact to business, processes, or clients, and must be implementable within twelve (12) months.  Each team will present their work to a panel of judges by the end of the program.​

Performance Evaluation​


The talent performance shall be subject to the Performance Management System of CIMB. ​

 based ​

Program Completion​


By the end of the 12-month program, the CIMB management shall assign mavericks to their respective departments based on competencies, skills, and overall talent performance during the program. ​