Your savings, your terms. Earn the highest interest rate in the market up to 7.0% p.a!

Please note that the effective interest rates may be subject to change based on prevailing conditions. The interest rate applicable to your account will be determined on the date of account opening or renewal, depending on the circumstances.


Maximized Earnings


Discover the advantage of long-term savings. Enjoy the highest interest at 7% p.a. when you choose to keep your funds for longer.

Choose your interest rate. Define your terms.


Your savings, your terms. Choose from three different terms that best fit your goals. You can opt for a 6-month term that lets you earn 6% p.a. interest, or work on your mid-term goals with the 12-month term that can earn 6.5% p.a. interest, or reach your long-term goals with the 24-month term that earns the highest interest of 7% p.a.! ​

Have as many accounts for each of your savings goals


Open up to 5 accounts, one account for one savings goal you want to fund. ​

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How to Apply


  • Must be an existing depositor​.

  • Must have access to CIMB Bank PH app​.

  • Must have a fully verified deposit account.