How CIMB PH’s REVI Credit is democratizing credit access in the Philippines

REVI Credit, CIMB Bank Philippines’ latest credit and Buy Now Pay Later product, offers a promising alternative to informal lending sources and even traditional formal credit products. It comes with a multitude of features that address a lot of the pain points borrowers normally face when borrowing from the usual sources.


“One of the biggest barriers to formal credit is the application itself. Banks would usually ask for a lot of income and supporting documents, which Filipinos working in the informal sectors may not necessarily have. Not to mention, the evaluation process usually takes time, even weeks, which is not ideal if you need the money to spend now,” shares Vijay Manoharan, CIMB Bank Philippines’ Chief Executive Officer. “With REVI Credit, the application process is entirely digital and takes less than 5 minutes. The process is even easier for preselected users, who will not be required to submit income documents, thanks to CIMB Bank’s alternative credit scoring process.”