How To Discover Your Life Purpose, According to these Filipina Creatives

Finding your purpose in life can be intimidating. It can leave you feeling like you are wandering aimlessly through life, which can be unsettling. However, discovering your life purpose doesn't have to be daunting. It can be an exciting and fulfilling journey of self-exploration and discovery! Drawing inspiration from these Filipina creatives who have pursued multiple passions, taken a different path, and financially prepared themselves to achieve their dreams, here are three easy ways to get started.


Dabble into multiple passions

In the era of multi-hyphenates, who says you have to be confined to one purpose? From the smallest to the biggest passions, dip your toes into the things and activities that you find enjoyable.


Take it from beauty content creator slash entrepreneur Raiza Contawi, who, aside from her social media career and traveling to different places in between, also recently opened her very own coffee shop, sumthn coffee bar.


“I always thought that finding your purpose in life has to be so impactful but to be honest right now, it’s all about doing the things, big or small, that contribute to my personal growth and inner peace,” Raiza shared.

Don’t be afraid to consider a different path

It can be easy to fall into the pressure of meeting people’s expectations and shy away from pursuing the things you truly love. It’s a struggle wunderkind turned renowned photographer Shaira Luna is familiar with. A poster child for intelligence and academic success, she initially enrolled at the De La Salle University’s BS Human Biology program at just thirteen years old. She would subsequently develop an interest in photography, which eventually morphed into her full-fledged career and passion today.


“I thought everything was already figured out for me. I had many interests, acquired various skills, and was ready to live out my childhood ambitions,” Shaira recounted. “Yet things took an unexpected turn along the way, when I realized that I wanted to start from scratch. Despite the hiccups and uncertainties, I set on my own path and discovered many things, including a passion that I continue to nourish to this very day.”

Be financially prepared

As with any adventure, you need a ship and resources to sail on. Pursuing what you love and trying to make it work are already daunting in themselves. The financial uncertainties that come with chasing your passions can be an additional source of worry.


Musical duo Leanne and Naara faced a similar hurdle when they were just starting out. “Like many musicians, we started small. Played Thursday nights at a cafe until our listeners grew. Since then, we have played many shows, met many amazing people, and everything was going great. Until the pandemic happened,” shared Leanne and Naara. “No one saw it coming. The world came to a halt. Work stopped for us too. It was a difficult time for many of us in the creative field. There were no live gigs and there were only limited ways in which we could connect with our listeners. Finances were tough too. We had virtually no means to support ourselves.”


It was during this time that the duo discovered a bank, CIMB Bank, which helped them manage their finances better. Fully digital, the bank enabled the duo to easily create and maintain a savings account with no added fees. “[It] helped us through tough times while we worked on stabilizing our finances and made it possible for us to carry on creating music with less worries,” recounted Naara.