How to live more sustainability and pursue your passion confidently 

Celebrities Cat Trivino, Roxie Baeyens, and Precious Paula Nicole talk about how they fund their passions easily and sustainably with CIMB Bank PH, Forbes’ Best Bank in the Philippines


In life, no two people walk the same path. Everyone has their own dreams and aspirations, and while it is important to be passionate about these goals, it is also important to be realistic in trying to achieve them. As the old saying goes, one must keep your head in the clouds and feet on the ground. Take it from personalities Cat Trivino, Roxie Baeyens, and Precious Paula Nicole, who have courageously followed their dreams while still making sure they made smart and sustainable choices, especially with their finances.


The reality of pursuing your dreams

Going after something you’ve only dreamed about before can be a daunting experience. For Cat, who has spent a decade of her life working corporate jobs, it took a massive leap of faith to let go of the predictability and security of her 9-to-5 job.


“Blindly following your passion and your purpose can be unsustainable and difficult. Kailangan natin ng stability. [We need stability.] We need to be able to afford necessities to move forward. We need support,” shared Cat.

In the end, what’s important is to plan ahead and make the most of what you have, while also learning about how you can further maximize the potential of your assets. As an entrepreneur, public speaker, and mental health advocate, Cat has always been disciplined when it comes handling her earnings from her many roles and using them to save for the future. To grow her money, Cat likes how her CIMB Bank PH savings account gives her higher interest rates. This helps stretch her budget and allows her to finance her dreams even better.


Never take your values for granted

Roxie started out as a beauty queen who had a vision to do good things for the world. She’s always in the pursuit of trying to make tangible and positive change for communities and is firm in their belief that she will be able to do so.


“I moved to Manila four years ago in pursuit of a dream – to be an advocate for environmental preservation and to make it on Philippine television. I remember the times when I started with little savings only and was barely able to sustain myself when I started to become independent. It wasn’t easy pero kinaya naman. [It wasn’t easy, but I was able to do it. Proper managing of finances lang talaga, [Proper managing of finances is crucial.” said Roxie.


As someone who has always been guided by her beliefs, Roxie also makes sure that she works with those that share the same values as she does, such as CIMB Bank PH.


“My main purpose is to do what I love while leaving an impact for others all at once. I have the same values in terms of trusting a bank, and because of CIMB, I have learned to follow my life purpose, because it is reliable, sustainable, and helps better the quality of life of others,” said Roxie.


 As she gets better and better at managing her finances, she is now able to fund her life purpose even better as well with CIMB Bank PH.

Work with the best

When pursuing your passion, it really hits differently when you are able to financially support your dream and really go all out when you want to. Such is the case with Precious Paula Nicole, the first Filipino Drag Race superstar. 


“Drag is my passion and I’ve been doing it for 13 years. Pero girl, magastos!

[But girl, it is expensive!] Costume, make-up, hair – drag is expensive!” shared Precious.


But Precious has always been creative, and it is this same creativity that made them win against their competition in the past. This is why Precious has high standards and makes sure that they also use the best for everyday life, much like their use of CIMB Bank PH’s savings account. As they go all-out during their shows, all the talent fees and tips they earn go straight to their CIMB account to maximize the high interest rates. After all, being future-ready is important for Precious, especially as they strive to always be the best at what they do. 


“Super dali magbukas ng CIMB UpSave account, mas madali pa kaysa magsuot ng makeup,” said Precious. “Super easy lang gamitin yung app, so madali lang mag-transact for all my drag needs. And by the way, CIMB is the #1 Bank in the Philippines. Talagang, you’re a winner, baby!” [it is super easy to open a CIMB UpSave account, easier than putting makeup on. Using the app is also super easy, so it’s convenient to transact for all my drag needs. And by the way, CIMB is the #1 Bank in the Philippines. You’re really a winner, baby!]


CIMB Bank PH is one with every Filipino in making sure they have

access to financial products that will not just make their lives easier, but also empower them to pursue their passions in a simple and sustainable manner.  

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