Is there a cut-off time for PESONet?

Interbank Fund Transfers done via PESONet have two different cut-off times every business day: 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.


 i) Transactions performed before 9:00 AM on a business day shall be processed on or before 2:00 PM within the same business day. 


ii) Transactions performed before 3:00 PM on a business day shall be processed on or before  6:00 PM within the same business day.


iii) Transactions performed 3:00 PM onwards or on a non-business day (weekends/holidays) shall be processed on the next business day.


For example, if the fund transfer was made on a Friday or after 3:00 PM or on a Saturday/Sunday, the transaction will be reflected on the following Monday (earliest by 2:00 PM). We suggest waiting until the end of day before checking the account. Alternatively, you may also check with the recipient bank for the status of the funds as posting time may vary from bank to bank. 


Transactions made after the cut-off, on holidays, or on weekends will be processed within the next two (2) banking days.

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