Job Description

  • Training Program Development: Collaborate with department heads and subject matter experts to identify training needs and design effective learning programs. Develop training materials, including presentations, manuals, e-learning modules, and other relevant resources.

  • Training Delivery: Conduct engaging and interactive training sessions for employees at all levels, either in person or through virtual platforms. Adapt training methods to accommodate different learning styles and ensure knowledge retention.

  • Onboarding and Orientation: Facilitate comprehensive onboarding programs for new hires to ensure a smooth integration into the organization and a solid understanding of company culture, values, and policies.

  • Skill Development: Implement targeted skill development initiatives to enhance employees' competencies and proficiency levels across various job functions. 

  • Performance Improvement: Collaborate with managers to identify performance gaps and develop appropriate training interventions to address these gaps, resulting in improved individual and team performance.

  • Learning Technology: Stay updated on learning technology trends and tools to enhance training delivery and overall learning experience. Recommend and implement appropriate learning management systems (LMS) and other training platforms as needed.

  • Training Evaluation: Design, Conduct, and improve training evaluations to measure the effectiveness of learning programs. Analyze feedback and data to continuously improve training content and delivery methods.

  • Professional Development: Stay current with industry best practices and developments in learning and development to incorporate innovative and effective training approaches. 

  • Compliance and Regulatory Training: Ensure that the organization's training programs facilitated to meet relevant legal and regulatory requirements are developed and delivered as necessary.

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work closely with HR members and other departments to align learning and development initiatives with overall talent strategies and organizational goals.


  •  Minimum of 5 years experience in Learning & Development design 
  •  Strong presentation skills
  •  Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Adept with a variety of multimedia training platforms and methods
  • Ability to evaluate and research training options and alernatives

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