Job Description

  • The DevOps Engineer is responsible for implementing, supporting and maintaining the integration, deployment, and operation of applicable software systems. He/She will work closely with system administrators, and other stakeholders to ensure efficiency, security as well as able to automate processes, monitor performance, and ensure the reliability of applicable applications’ development and deployment pipeline.


  • Continuous Integration and Deployment: 
    ● Assist in designing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines for efficient software delivery. 
    ● Collaborate with development teams to ensure that software is designed for reliability, scalability and maintainability
  • Monitoring and Performance Optimization: 
    ● Develop and maintain monitoring and alerting systems to ensure the availability, performance and security of software and infrastructure.
    ● Monitor system performance and troubleshoot issues to ensure optimal application response times. 
    ● Assist in capacity planning to meet changing demands.
  • Automation and Tooling: 
    ● Develop scripts and tools to automate repetitive tasks and improve efficiency. 
    ● Evaluate and recommend appropriate DevOps tools and technologies.
    ● Automate infrastructure provisioning and deployment processes using tools such as Terraform, Ansible or CloudFormation
  • Infrastructure Management: (with L2 Infra Team)
    ● Support the configuration and management of cloud-based infrastructure. 
    ● Implement infrastructure as code (IAC) practices for easier management.
  • Security and Compliance: (with Tech Sec Team) 
    ● Contribute to ensuring the security and compliance of the infrastructure and applications. 
    ● Implement security measures in collaboration with the security team.

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