Are you a fun, formidable, and financially independent woman? Let’s find out!

This National Women’s Month, let’s see if you have the qualities of a fun, formidable, and financially independent Filipina! Check how many attributes you can relate to from this list:


✓ You observe a money-wise lifestyle

Empowered women know that the pursuit of joy and financial stability can go hand in hand! This is why you continue to explore diverse avenues to build your wealth, while making sure your money management fundamentals – budgeting, saving, investing – remain strong. 


✓ You embrace your inner entrepreneur 

Fun fact: according to the Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 45% of micro enterprises are women-owned. Just like them, you have learned to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit, which gives you an avenue to harness your creativity and resourcefulness to build a thriving business (or side hustle!) that you can be proud of. 


✓ You cultivate a supportive network

The importance of a supportive network cannot be overstated. You have surrounded yourself with mentors, friends, and allies who believe in your potential and will cheer you on every step of the way, which creates a great environment for growth and self-actualization. Women's groups and communities that help other females find solidarity, encouragement, and inspiration helps promote economic empowerment and upliftment among women.  


✓ You are beautiful inside and out

For you, it is as important to have a beautiful attitude as much as it is to have good looks. You exude grace, which reflects your ability to navigate life's challenges with dignity and composure. You ooze confidence and kindness, inspiring admiration and respect from other Pinays. In today's world, where women break barriers and redefine traditional roles, you acknowledge the power of graceful femininity in helping you achieve your life goals and help others with their own. 


✓ You take advantage of available financial tools

When it comes to managing finances, tools are becoming more and more accessible to everyone, offering even more opportunities for women like you to become more financially empowered. A prime example is the savings account options from CIMB Bank Philippines. Through the dedicated CIMB mobile banking app, opening a Fast Plus or UpSave savings account is easy and takes just 10 minutes, which allows you to better manage your money while enjoying better interest rates than most banks. This also gives you access to your funds 24/7, enabling you to perform your day-to-day transactions anytime, anywhere – perfect for the Filipino woman on the go. 


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