How to really improve your money smarts in 2024

Allow us to take a guess: one of your New Year’s resolutions is to improve your finances. Whether it’s because of the high inflation and therefore the high price of goods, or setting financial goals that are too unrealistic, one slip-up can be discouraging and can end up derailing your plans altogether. 


Saving money is a habit. As with many habits, consistency is key. It is important to build this habit slowly but surely, which can help better set you up for future success. Below are a few, sometimes overlooked tips that can help you set realistic goals that you can eventually build up in the future:


Review and cut unnecessary expenses

Some of your bills and subscriptions may not amount to much individually but may add up to a significant amount when combined. List down all of your subscriptions then eliminate the unnecessary or rarely used ones to save money or reallocate the budget for other things. Do you still watch movies on Netflix as much as you did during the lockdown? Do you still make voice calls on SIM or are most of your calls data-based nowadays? Is your cloud subscription too much for your storage needs? Would a more affordable plan be reasonable in the long run? Do this check regularly to always be on top of your recurring spending.


Limit impulse purchases

Life can be stressful, and a pick-me-up every now and then can help keep your spirit up, which can result in many impulse buys. Make an effort to avoid shopping as a form of entertainment or stress relief in order to avoid such purchases, which can leave a dent in your budget. Instead, take time to really consider each purchase and give yourself some time to decide instead of immediately giving in. When you are already sure about your purchase, you can still spend less by waiting for “double-double” offers from online retailers, such as 1.1, 2.2, 3.3 sales and so on.


Reduce your debt

Managing your loans is crucial to avoid any additional fees when you miss payments or when you’re unable to pay in full. Whittle down your debts by paying off high-interest loans first, then consider consolidating or refinancing loans to lower interest rates to free up money that you can use for your other goals instead. Some lenders can also allow you to pay your debt in monthly installments, making it even more manageable.


Increase your income 

If you have a marketable skill that you can do outside your day job, consider taking on a side hustle or doing some freelance work to earn extra income. The money you can earn from these small “rakets” can add up in the long run, or at least cover some of your expenses. You can also consider investing in acquiring new skills that could lead to better-paying opportunities in the future, so you’ll have more income to work with as well.


Store your money safely and securely

Whether you choose to cut back on expenses or strive to earn more to achieve your financial goals this year, bear in mind that saving money takes a lot of discipline and self-control on your end but can be fulfilling in the long run.


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