Lost or stolen phone? Here’s what to do ASAP to keep your personal data safe

In today’s digital age, our mobile phones hold a wealth of sensitive information, including personal and financial data. Losing your phone or having it stolen can be a distressing experience, this is why CIMB Bank Philippines, the most awarded digital-only commercial bank in the Philippines, stresses the importance of knowing what to do should this happen to you with some key tips:


Contact your service provider

A crucial first step is to contact your service provider and report your missing phone, according to cybersecurity company Kaspersky. Ask your provider to suspend or disconnect the service to your phone. This can help prevent unauthorized access to any accounts that are linked to your mobile number, as well as prevent any malicious intentions to misuse your phone or impersonate you.


Alert your bank

If you use your phone for financial transactions and have your credentials saved on the device, immediately call your bank and block your accounts temporarily to deter any unauthorized access or use. 


Change your passwords

Immediately change the passwords of all your online accounts that are linked to your phone, such as social media, email, streaming services, and banking apps. In case you’re using a password manager, secure access to that as well. 


Notify your contacts

Reach out to important contacts such as your family, friends, and colleagues about your missing phone, and ask them not to send or share sensitive information via text, call, email, or through messaging apps you had on your device. Advise them as well where they can safely reach out to you in the meantime.


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CIMB Bank PH is a digital-only commercial bank and is part of the Malaysia-based CIMB Group, the 5th largest bank in ASEAN. To know more about CIMB Bank PH’s innovative products and offers, visit cimbbank.com.ph