Must-have apps for a summer to remember


Whatever your plans for may be for this summer, one thing will prove to be handy: the convenience provided by your mobile phone! Have you checked if you have everything you need at your fingertips for that sun-kissed vacay? CIMB Bank Philippines, the best bank in the country according to Forbes’ World’s Best Banks list, shares a list of the kind of apps that can help you make your summer one to remember:


Weather apps

It’s essential to check the weather forecast, especially when going to countries with four seasons. There are also regions where temperatures tend to spike higher on some days versus other areas, so using a weather app can provide you with detailed info on temperature, humidity, UV index, and chance of rain. This helps you to better plan your day and be prepared for sudden changes in weather.


Travel apps

Whether you’re jetting off to Palawan or going on a road trip to La Union, using apps that aggregate flight options, accommodations, and activities can make trip planning easier. With this, you can see all your options at varying price points, which can help you with decision making. This allows you to book everything ahead, so all you have to do is show up at the destination or activity, and you’re good to go.


Photo editing apps

Capture and enhance your summer memories with photo editing apps. Sun’s too bright at the beach or there are unwanted people walking around in the background? These apps can offer you a range of filters, editing tools, and presets to make your photos look better, ensuring that your summer adventures are beautifully documented for years to come.


Music streaming apps

Set the perfect soundtrack for your summer adventures with music streaming apps. You can create custom playlists for road trips, beach days, and even chill hangouts at home, or better yet, create a collaborative playlist with your friends so all your favorite tunes are in one place. You can also listen to these playlists again in the future to relive your unforgettable summer memories.



Banking apps

When traveling, it is helpful to have access to your funds 24/7 and have the ability to perform transactions on the go. Having a mobile banking app, just like the one from CIMB Bank PH, allows you to access your savings anytime, anywhere. In case you’ll need to transfer funds while you’re outside, money transfers from your CIMB account to other banks is completely free and can even be scheduled ahead on the app. You can also use the CIMB Virtual Debit Card to transact online safely and securely, so you can book summer activities online with ease and peace of mind. It is available for Fast Plus, GSave, and UpSave account holders, and can be activated easily through the CIMB Bank PH app, under the ‘Card’ section. After activating the virtual debit card, customers have the flexibility to link any of their deposit accounts as needed. 


You can also pay your bills via the CIMB mobile app under ‘Pay Bills’, so you won’t have to worry about missing any payments while on the go, giving you one less thing to think about so you can enjoy the summer to your heart’s content. In case you need assistance, you also have 24/7 access to the CIMB app’s Help Center, which allows you to lodge any concern you may have with your CIMB account.


You can download the CIMB Bank PH app on the App Store or on Google Play. To learn more about how CIMB Bank PH can help you gear up for the summer, visit