How can we help with your Debit Card concern?

We have prepared quick tips for you to refer which can help address your issue on your debit card below:

What do I do if I lose my card? 

If you have misplaced or lost your card, you can choose to temporarily block your debit card. This will disable all functions of your debit card. You can do this by going to "Card" on your CIMB Bank PH app dashboard and clicking Freeze Card. 


If you wish to unfreeze your debit card, you can tap on the "Unfreeze" button. The functions of your debit card will then be enabled again. 


You can also report your lost card and request for a debit card replacement by following the steps below:


Step 1: Open the CIMB Bank PH app and go to "Card"

Step 2: Click Replace 

Step 3: Select reason 

Step 4: Confirm your delivery address

Step 5: Verify your MPIN 


Once done, your current card will be deactivated and a new one will be sent to you. 

How long do I have to wait after I request for a replacement of my debit card?

The waiting time for a replacement debit card is seven (7) days if your registered address is within Metro Manila and fourteen (14) days if it's outside of Metro Manila. If your registered address is outside the service coverage of our courier, please expect your card to arrive within one (1) month.

I can't seem to use my debit card for e-commerce transactions. What should I do?

To check if your card has been enabled for e-commerce transactions, open the CIMB Bank PH app and follow the steps below: 



2) Check whether the toggle for "Online e-commerce payments" is ON

Where will my debit card be delivered to?

Your debit card will be delivered to your registered delivery address. To check your delivery address, go to the CIMB Bank PH app and tap on Menu > Profile. You will see a complete summary of your registered details, including your delivery address. Tap on "Edit" to edit your delivery address and confirm the changes.  

The status of my debit card is BLOCKED and I can't unblock it. What should I do?

If your Fast Plus account was blocked, then your card will be blocked. Please check for any email notification sent to you for more details on why your Fast Plus account could have been blocked. 


For further assistance, please call our Customer Care Team by dialing #2462 (#CIMB) on your phone.

The above tips did not address your issue? No worries, please submit your query to us so we can attend to it to resolve your issue.

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