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Can I open an account if my country of residence is outside the Philippines?

Earn more at a high interest/profit rate of 3.50%** p.a. from your FIRST dollar by saving with us!
- NO cap on deposit amount
- NO lock-in period, which means you can transact anytime!



1. Open a CIMB Savings Account online by 30 Sep '23 with at least S$1,000 for savings and S$5,000 for current account. 

2. Maintain or increase your current month's end balance against the previous month's end balance.

3. Bonus Interest/Profit will be accrued daily and credited into the qualifying account the following month.


As long as you are a Filipino citizen, you can open an account in any country you reside in except for the United States. If you are either a resident, citizen, or a permanent card holder of the United States, we are currently unable to offer you our savings product. 

What is an acceptable valid ID to use to open my account?

As a bank, we need to know who you are! That's why we need to confirm your identity with a supported and valid ID when you open your account. 


Below is the list of acceptable IDs:


1. Driver’s License

2. Philippine passport 

3. National Professional ID Card - note that we only accept PRC ID issued prior to September 2019

4. Unified Multipurpose ID (UMID)

5. Postal ID 

6. Voter’s (COMELEC) ID Card

7. Social Security System (SSS) – note that we only accept SSS ID with Date of Birth

8. Philippine Identification System ID (PhilSys ID)

9. Printed ePhilID (Digital PhilSys ID) 


The photo of your valid ID uploaded on the app during the account opening will be retained and processed in accordance with the purpose of opening an account with the Bank.

I submitted my source of funds documents during onboarding but it was rejected. Can I still open an account?

If you received an email notification from us stating that your source of funds document was not approved but you can still apply again via 'Open an account', then you may apply again if you wish to do so. However, if the email notification does not mention that you can apply again, then you will no longer be able to do so. 

Why can't I scan my ID when I was on the ID scan page?

If you have trouble scanning your ID, it could be due to any of the following reasons:


1) Your ID photo is blurry

2) There is too much glare or reflection on your ID

3) The background where you placed your ID has the similar color with your ID (try holding your ID instead!)

What happens if I failed the virtual verification?

If you have failed the virtual verification for three (3) consecutive attempts, two things may happen:


a) If you are signing up for the first time as a CIMB Bank customer, you may be required to create the account from the start again as your username and password will not be recognized anymore


b) If you are an existing customer and are applying for another account, you may be required to re-apply for the product you were trying to apply for.


If you have failed the virtual verification for one (1) attempt, you may be prevented further from opening an account due to the invalidity of the ID submitted.

The above tips did not address your issue? No worries, please submit your query to us so we can attend to it to resolve your issue.

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