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What is REVI Credit?

REVI Credit by CIMB Bank is a revolutionary all-in-one digital credit line that provides Filipinos easy access to credit and financial flexibility at their fingertips. This first-of-its-kind product offers customers the convenience and safety of a personal revolving credit line with instant approval, all through their mobile phones. REVI Credit can be used in multiple ways such as balance transfer, convert to cash, convert to term loan, and more! You can get a minimum facility amount of PHP 1,000 and a maximum facility amount of PHP 250,000. 

What can I use REVI Credit for?

You can use REVI Credit to enjoy the following services:


• Balance transfer up to 70% of your credit limit to your CIMB Bank or GSave savings account

• Convert your credit limit to a non-revolving term loan 

• Pay bills at over 50+ billers and get a rebate on your bills payment

• Balance transfer (up to a certain limit) to other banks via InstaPay 

• Avail of a free Visa Virtual Card under REVI Credit for your e-commerce transactions (for eligible customers)

• Buy mobile load or load combos anytime 

• Coming Soon: Withdraw cash up to a certain limit at our selected partner locations

What are the interest rates charged by REVI Credit?

Depending on your credit score, your monthly interest rate can be as low as 1% or up to 5%. The interest rate is prorated, which means it is distributed over the number of days you availed of the credit. 


For example, you made a bill payment of PHP 200 with REVI Credit and wish to settle the balance after 5 days. The interest will be computed as such:


PHP 200 x 5% x 5/30 = PHP 1.67


Therefore, your REVI Credit due balance would be PHP 201.67.

How do I know how much my outstanding interest is?

The interest is charged based on your utilization during the billing cycle and will be charged on the billing or statement date. You can view the statement balance breakdown under 'Account Details' in the REVI Credit dashboard or in your e-Statement for that month. 


Note: Interest accumulated after your statement date will be charged on the next billing cycle.

What are all the fees and charges for REVI Credit?

REVI Credit lets you sign up for FREE with ZERO annual fees, disbursement fees, and application fees. There's also no need to pay for anything if you don't use your credit line. 


Below are all the other fees and charges applicable to REVI Credit:


1) Transfer fee - 2% of transaction amount or a minimum of PHP 50 (whichever is higher)

2) Late payment charges - 5% of unpaid principal balance due or PHP 50 (whichever is higher)

How can I increase my REVI Credit limit?

A REVI Credit limit increase is at the discretion of the Bank and cannot be requested.


As long as you keep using your REVI Credit and keep paying your CIMB loans on time, there's a good probability your REVI Credit limit will increase.


Customers who are eligible for a REVI Credit limit will receive a notification from the Bank.

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