I have problems linking my GSave account. What should I do?

If you encounter problems linking your GSave account, you can try the following: 


1) Ensure that the mobile number and email address you are using to link are exactly the same ones you used in your GSave account application.


2) If you no longer have access to the mobile number and/or email address that was registered with your GSave account, please follow these steps: 


STEP 1: On the app login screen, tap 'Link my account' and select the account you wish to link.

STEP 2. Enter the mobile number and email address registered to that account, and verify with SMS OTP.

STEP 3. If you've lost access to your mobile number, click 'I lost access to my mobile number.'

STEP 4: Input the 6-digit security code. If access to your email is lost, select “I lost access to my email address”.

STEP 5: Provide your new mobile number and email address, and verify via OTP.

STEP 6: You will then be prompted to complete re-eKYC by submitting a valid ID and undergoing a selfie check.

STEP 7: Follow the subsequent instructions.

STEP 8: Await confirmation from CIMB Bank within 1-2 banking days regarding successful verification.

STEP 9: Upon success, you can repeat the linking process with your new contact details to set up your login credentials.

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