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What is the step-by-step process to opening an UpSave Account?

To open an UpSave Account, you must download the CIMB Bank PH App and follow these steps:


1) Go to "Open an account" and select "UpSave Account".

2) Confirm your FATCA and PEP status

3) Provide your active mobile number and register a valid email address

4) Key in the One-Time-Password (OTP) which will be sent to your active mobile number

5) Create your username and password

6) Perform the Virtual Verification (see list of accepted IDs)

7) Upon successful Virtual Verification, you will be required to confirm your personal information and provide additional information.

8) Once your information has been confirmed and verified, your application will be approved and your account will be opened. 


You will then be able to deposit (cash-in) to your account and start using the CIMB Bank PH App.

Go Beyond Banking with CIMB Bank

Download the all-new CIMB Bank PH app and enjoy an enhanced digital banking experience that's fast, easy, and more convenient than ever!